Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bridges, no not another post on the covered bridges.

Bridges is the long awaited new dining spot in Greencastle. We had heard about this place for a bout a year before they officially opened. So naturally we were very excited to try this new pizza and wine bar that had some strong Depauw ties.
 The atmosphere is amazing and the dinning spans over 3 levels including roof top seating with a view of the square and Courthouse.  Right as you walk in your eye is drawn to the the large brick pizza oven shipped in from Italy. The smell from the brick oven browning the edges of the bread is intoxicating. You can tell you have found something different in Putnam County.
   Alyssa and I are use to the foodie establishments in Indy and such so we were excited to see a new
kind of food hit the local scene.
   Since the menu changes often we have been able to try it 3 times and had a different menu each time with a few Items staying the same. They have a variety of specialty pizzas that you won't find
anywhere. With ingredients like pulled port, steak, shrimp , and a line of fresh vegetables it is hard to pick a bad one. Along with the brick oven unique pizzas they offer a selection of pasta dish's that are all made in house. Alyssa found a sweet potato nuchi that she has not been able to forget. Although the pasta is very tasty I found that the bet bet for the price is to stick with one of the pizzas especially when you consider the price per bite. 
  On top of all the amazing food, and warming decor, Bridges also features a complete bar with wines and cocktails you can't find in most establishments in Putnam County. We look forward to many more slices from the folks at Bridges.

You can find their website at www.bridgeswinebar.com or check them out on face book at https://www.facebook.com/BridgesGreencastle/

Monday, March 5, 2018

Scoops is Open Again!

One off our Families favorite spot in utnam County is the Greencastle square. Walking around the buzz bomb, stoppinng in the bookstore, shoppinng for antiques, browsing the boutiques, or grabbing a drink at one of many resturants on the square.
 Our newly discovered tresure is Scoops ice cream parlor. With a crazy amount of flavors and options any one will find a little tasteful bliss in this little Ice cream shop.
         Flavors range from traditional flavors like choclate, vanilla, mint choclate chip, and cookie dough to more unique flavors like cotton candy or bubble gum. Everything I tried was amazing.
Grayson grabbed his usaul and went with the cookie dough, for the life of me I can not get him to try any other flavor but I guess when it works why fix it right?
          Layla the dare devil of the Barrett clan went with the cotton cany and it tasted just like the mix of the red and blue cotton candy. Both kids opted for the waffle cone which in my mind is like a second dessert.
        On top of ice cream by the scoop they also have mixes that are a lot like blizzards, with tons of candy and topping choices. So if the waffle cone is not your jam then you can create your own blend with some of the topping they have.
        Alyssa and I went for the malt and shake. This was a pretty unique thing I haven't experinced many Ice cream shops do. You can pick any flavor or flavors of the ice cream they have and they will make it into a shake or malt so Alyssa and I both mixed dark choclate Ice cream with a coffee Ice cream and had them make it into a shake.
        It was a fun and enjoyble time that didnt cost crazy money. The kids loved it and we will most likely be back weekly.
  Now that the sunshine has blessed Indiana again Scoops Ice cream parlor is back open for the season. Located right of the square in Greencastle scoops is only 15 minutes form C Bar C. So don't forget to stop by while at an event here at C Bar C.

Scoops Can be found at : 13 S Indiana St, Greencastle, IN 46135. You can also find them on the C Bar C App under Our Favs!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Crickets- Best boutique in the area!

Last October, my husband Josh and I moved to Cloverdale in hopes to be a part of town that was going through revitalization and growth. We felt called to help facilitate this change in any way we possibly could. Some of our fears with moving to a small town were a lack of coffee shops,
restaurants and shopping locations. As you can see from our blog our fear was wrong. Cloverdale and Putnam County as a whole have so many amazing places to visit if you are willing to find them.
My personal favorite shopping destination I discovered was Crickets. Crickets is a women and children’s boutique in Greencastle. Shop owner Lauren Smoot has created one the cutest places in downtown Greencastle. Her space is extremely clean, the clothing is fashion forward as well as affordable, and she is willing to help you with any styling you could need while at the shop. Crickets also features local artists’ work in the boutique. She loves to collaborate with local people to bring you a truly unique shopping experience.
Lauren named her boutique Crickets after her childhood nickname. Her grandmother would take her shopping when she was a young girl and call her Cricket. As an adult she uses not only the nickname Grammie gave her, but also the passion she instilled in her as a child to make women and children feel beautiful and trendy at an affordable cost.
I love this story because so much of my story comes from the love of my grandparents and to see Lauren use her love for her grandmother to create a locally owned shop is inspiring.
When you come to C Bar C make it a point to drive to Crickets, talk to Lauren, and do some shopping. Only 15 minutes from C Bar C located at 21 S Indiana St Greencastle, IN 46135.

Also visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cricketsuniqueboutique/

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Haunted bridge was to much for me!

Every small town has it's list of haunted places, and Cloverdale is no different within a 20 minute drive we are home to one creepy covered bridge, a handful of haunted cemeteries, home of the pink lady, and one nerve racking steel bridge.

The cemetery right around the corner from C Bar C is a known haunted spot Legend is that 7 sisters were put to death for being witches and buried in the Cloverdale cemetery. If you go out on a full moon and walk 7 circles around the 7 graves the sisters will appear and haunt you out of the Graveyard.

Right down the road in Greencastle is another Haunted Cemetery with a story about a police officer and his dog from back in the day. When the moon is just right you can see the glowing eyes of the dog. The reel fun part is the hidden cave that sits at the back of the graveyard, haunted or not the cave and cemetery at night is all out creep.

The Edna covered bridge just 15 minutes from C Bar C is another local hot spot for ghost hunters. A little girl use to hate to ride to town with her parents so they would leave her and the family dog at the bridge to swim while they went to town. One afternoon the parents came back from town and only found the dog barking. Legend says if you park on the bridge at night and turn your lights off you will here the dog barking still looking for the girl, some have heard the girl calling out to her parents, and a few have found hand prints all over the car after leaving.

All these are well know and very freaky depending on your mind set, but I heard a story about Hamond metal bridge being haunted and had to check it out. for myself. The story I was told talks about a group of boys who were at the bridge at night with a new kid in town. It was custom for the area boys to initiate the new kids who moved into town and the bridge was a consistent destination in many of the pranks. One rainy night the boys were out welcoming a new kid to town and convinced him to attempt to hang from the bridge, The wind picked up his hands slipped and he feel below in to the roaring water. One story claims the boy was able to grab on to one of the kids legs and hold on for a few seconds before slipping away.

I went out to the bridge on a rainy night to try and see what I could conjure up. I normally don't freak out easily but I had read this story 100 times before going and had all the stories rolling around in my head. The bridge seems to pop out of nowhere and does have a creepy vibe
with the word "amber" painted on the frame.

I parked to the side and got out to walk around, being mindful of traffic. Walking up all the hair on my neck stood up and as I made it on to the bridge I could not help but feel like I was being watched I keep looking down at my feet as some stories claim they have felt the lost boy grabbing for their ankles. I started to take pictures but with the rain and dark it was hard to capture anything I was seeing. Looking over the bridge I could see what looked like orbs or the lights you see inn haunted pictures. Not a lot and not all the time but defiantly something seemed to be drawing my attention to the side of the bridge. I heard lots of movement but the bridge is surround by corn fields so it was not surprising to hear movement.  I got about half way across the bridge and heard the loudest noise between me and my car. I turned around to look and could see nothing but I know I was being looked at by something. little glimpse of eyes let me know I was not alone.

By this point I had pretty much creeped myself to the max of what my mind could handle. I started to slowly walk back to the car When something fell from the bridge and splashed into the water. The story of a falling boy ran threw my head and I took of to the car. The drive home I keep checking behind me and it took a good few minutes to calm myself down.

Not sure if the bridge is haunted or if standing in the woods, on a steel bridge, around midnight on a rainy October night is just creepy. I went in expecting nothing because I drive by the bridge daily ( in Daylight) and never been freaked out.  Night time in October is just a mind melt in its self.

The bridge is only a few mile from C Bar C/ Be careful if you do decide to travel to this spooky site.  The bridge is on a highway and even at night it can have heavy traffic. I would also recommend taking a friend!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cataract Falls

We have highlighted some of the food and bars in the area, We have created a covered bridge tour for you to take right from your phone, and we have broken down the best place to get breakfast and
coffee. This week we went to Cataract Falls just a 15 minute drive from C Bar C ( ask a local about short cut road).

Cataract is the largest waterfall by volume in the
state of Indiana and is a point of pride for most in the area but, the waterfalls are not the only thing this state park has going for it.
Once you arrive you will see the large covered bridge, this bridge is not part of the road and allows you to walk all around and in it. On the parking lot side you can stand at several viewing areas and see the upper falls. This area has picnic tables and grills so you can have a picnic to the
sound of the flowing water.

 On the other side of the bridge you will find a tail that weaves threw the woods while following the river at the same time. You can access the water and the falls in several spots along the trail. If you want to wade in the water you can do so on the top of the waterfall. That alone is a unique experience but for a one of a kind trip you need to keep walking. The trail leads you up hill and winds away from the river briefly before winding you downhill to bank of the water. Once at the bottom you will back track up river to the waterfall itself. The trail gets narrow as you approach the falls and eventually turns to a collection of large rocks you must climb up and down. Keep going,
once you make it past the rocks you will be behind the water fall!

Yes, the water has carved out a little "room" behind the falls covered in moss and jagged rocks it looks like something out of a movie, you feel like you are in a different land or time period while behind the falls. I have hiked all over the country and have rarely seen something this neat.

Once the awe wears of head back out follow the trail back to your car, or if you like a little free climbing just climb up the edge to cut down on the walk. I will warn you that both Grayson my 12 year old and Alyssa m wife were very upset with me for making them climb the rock wall. It is not the easiest and does require a little bit of nerves. Layla however my 10 year old wild child loved the climb, she did however fall and I thankfully caught her before she rolled down the cliff. So maybe just walk the trail.

Once in the car take a scenic 5 minute drive to the lower falls. The lower falls is a "look" only falls since you cant climb down to the mouth. This one looks and feels like your more traditional waterfall with a cement viewing area.

Along with the 2 falls Cataract state park has several miles of hiking trails, a playground, and picnic area. So it is easy to spend the day. Look at our earlier blogs to see Cataract general store for more to do while around the area.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Best places to get Breakfast

I am a breakfast guy, I am ready for some eggs and bacon anytime of the day. Most days I wake up craving biscuits and gravy or some thick french toast, with no desire to make it myself. The kids, Alyssa and I all went from place to place to find the best breakfast around Putnam County.

The Truck Stop

I really never knew what to call this giant white and blue building on the hill in Cloverdale as you exit Interstate 70, so I only know what everyone calls it and that is simply the truck stop. It sits on the hill with "Restaurant" written across it so it will be hard to miss. Along with a full lunch and diner menu the truck stop serves breakfast all day. They have a breakfast buffet with 2 kids of eggs, 2 kinds of sausage, pancakes, a waffle bar, has browns, bacon , sausage, and that was just my first plate. The food is good, the staff is friendly, and the coffee stays full. 


Like the truck stop this place has a very large lunch and diner menu, but the breakfast is my favorite part. It is a family owned restaurant that has been around for ever and continues to serve some good ole country cooking. 

3G Bowling

I know breakfast in the bowling alley? Every Saturday you will find one of the best breakfast in town at 3g Bowling in Greencastle from 9:30 to 1 pm. This family owned and operated bowling alley puts out a delicious breakfast menu and if you thought eggs and bacon where great wait till you pair it with bowling!

C Bar C Kitchen

Look I know I work here, I know the point of this blog is to highlight all the amazing things Putnam and surrounding has to offer but if I am being 100% honest and non-biased, C bar C has perhaps the best biscuits and gravy in the county. Erin and Brandy are in the C bar C kitchen every weekend cooking up eggs, bacon, biscuits, and coffee. If it is a busy show get to the kitchen early the biscuits and gravy goes quick no matter how much we make. If you are showing at the barn you can stay in your pjs and wonder on over. If you live locally most of our shows are free to watch and nothing pairs with b's and g's like barrel racing!

2 West Bistro 

2 West Bistro has a very unique menu for the Putnam County area. It is a scale above everything else you will find in the area. The Breakfast buffet is no different you will enjoy every mouth watering bite and with so many options you might as well plan a few hours to eat and a few hours to nap after

Moores Bar

A local gem that we often forget about is Moores bar in Greencastle. It sits right of the square and has an upscale dive bar feel, if that makes an sense. Stocked with a great selection of beer from PBR to some local craft beers you don't see everywhere. I am just one of those guys that loves a good pointless conversation in a dive bar and to date I have not been disappointed with the crowd, drinks or food at Moores.

Alyssa tends to be a little more refined of a drinker than me so it's always nice when you get my country feel and her downtown food and drink quality. They have lunch specials everyday that range from a shrimp basket to a good ole blt, matched with a drink special of the day that is purposefully matched with the food.

One of the best qualities of a bar in my mind is the staff. If you are frustrated with your local watering hole or just need a little hope in your life. Stop in and grab a drink from Hope, an awesome and attentive bar tender with a great personality and an amazing life story that will give any skeptic HOPE!

Because the environment is so low key and friendly the crowd is very diverse and you have the opportunity to meet all types of people from Depauw alumni to cross country travelers. In one afternoon we made friends with a cute little hip couple who was in town hiking some of the beautiful trails, an older couple that after 20 years had moved away from Indy to have a nice relaxing drink, a handful of Depauw
graduates back in town to see the old neighborhood and a  an amazingly inspiring lady who was battling stage four cancer and out with friends to take her mind of it. Talk about a fun 2 hours. Throw in a basket of shrimp, a live band from time to time and the worlds best bar tender Hope and you have no excuse to check this place out.

Moores is use to seeing competitors from C Bar C and is a great place to relax after a long day of showing and mucking.

You can find the address, menu, and hours on the Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Moores-Bar-Grill-182446055176907/